Fumbling Towards Fitness: 2010 ~ Fitness or Bust!

4 Jan

I have told you before but I need to say it again:

I have no idea what I am doing! I am not an expert on anything but I know I need fitness in my life.

I have tried many activities this past year but I have not really had any sort of consistency. Consistency is almost the most important part for me to make fitness a daily part of my life.

Wanna know what the most important part for me is?


Yep, its planning!

I have learned that if I don’t have a plan I fall apart. I need to have a plan and that plan has to be written down. This year I fell in love with menu planning and have since learned all the wonderful benefits to planning my meals. I am currently only planning dinners but I am going to be expanding that. Planning my meals has helped my stress about dinner and has kept my family healthy and has also helped keep the budget in check. Every Saturday I look at the grocery store sales ads and take stock of the pantry and freezer. A menu is planned and grocery list is written.

Why have I not applied this to other areas of my life?

Good question!! and one I have been asking myself all week.

Wanna know what I did the other day?!?!

I am gonna tell you anyway! 😛

Using Microsoft Word I created my own Calendar template and then made a January Work Out calendar, January household chore chart, and a Jen chore chart. I am a lazy person by nature! and I am easily distracted and I procrastinate way too much and while I have not been diagnosed I must be ADD. Last year, this list would have been an excuse but not this year!! This year I am know enough about myself and I have learned ways to combat “my evil ways” to be successful. I will be adding on to all the knowledge I picked up in 2009. I have learned I need direction and a set plan or I fall apart. I can’t just say ” I will workout tomorrow morning.” I need to say, “I will do KB squats and upper body.” I have learned that I need to be specific. I need to tell myself what to do and when to do it!! I need to pull rank on myself! I can tell my kid, my husband, and my students what they need to do. I even give some of them step by step instructions

I started thinking about this and came up with the solution of using a calendar. Much like planning a weekly menu plan I created a monthly workout plan. Saturday will be the first day of my weekly schedule. Saturdays are my Weight Watchers meeting and it seems logical to start my week then.

Saturday: 40 minutes on treadmill (TM)
Sunday: REST day [but also family day]
Monday: KB workout and RB workout and a 10 minute yoga or pilates workout.
Tuesday: workout dvd or 40 minutes on TM plus a LONG strecth.
Wednesday: KB workout and RB workout and a 10 minute yoga or pilates workout.
Thursday: workout dvd or 40 minutes on TM plus a LONG strecth.
Friday: KB workout and RB workout and a 10 minute yoga or pilates workout.

Check out my calendar: jan WO calendar.pdf

I am planning on working out in the morning! This means I have to get my a$$ out of bed by 5:30 at the latest! I will workout for approximately one hour each work day! I have left the weekends more free so that I can find activities to do as a family such as hiking and biking on nicer days!

I know I will feel better for getting my workout finished in the morning! I know I will not make excuses if I get my workout finished in the morning.

Blogging about this plan here with you makes me feel like I have to come back next week to tell you how I made out.

I have a plan!

Planning is the key to my success!!

Are you fumbIing with your workouts?
I urge you to come up with a plan and follow that plan for one month! I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to make something a habit.

I don’t know about you, but I desperately want to make exercise a habit!

Will you give me one month?

I will report back to you next week.

**This post can also be found at bookieboo.com


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