the importance and flexibility of planning

19 Apr

About once or twice each month we head to a Farmer’s Market in VL which is about a 40 minute drive. While out that way we also stop at this awesome, fresh meat market. Unfortunately, we did not check fort and they were closed ~ today being Sunday and all.

But at the Farmer’s Market I got the greatest deal on some ripe mangoes. A whole box for only $3. I couldn’t believe it. The mangoes look amazing; fresh and ripe! I don’t exactly know what I am doing for my menu this week but you best believe there will be mango involved!

I also picked up 3 bags of grapes for $1
a bucket of red potatoes for $2
3 big sweet onions for $1
5 lemons for $1

and a couple of other things.

The trip makes more sense when the meat market is open. Also, we didn’t take anything out for dinner since we were planning on being inspired by the selection at the meat market. oy.

Dinner on the fly for tonight!
In the fridge I found a can of crabmeat, in the freeze I found a half a bag of shrimp. Seafood Cakes! with mango salsa!

I walked down the bike path to the little market we have (market has great meat and small selection of produce from our local produce store – also closed on Sundays). They didn’t have jalepeno or cilantro needed for mango salsa. Ugh..I am still not sure what I am going to make…exactly…some sort of fish cake with nice big salad. Your guess is as good as mine!

Ok, so I am trying figure out tonight’s dinner on the fly. and meal plan with what I have in house.

Stay tuned I will have my Chive Talkin’ Menu Plan up later. I have to do major inventory.


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