it's a start

9 Oct

Setting daily goals has been great…so far. I say “so far” because I don’t want to get too comfortable. AND, two days does not really mean anything! Anyone can do anything for two days! When I have set daily goals and accomplished them and lost some pounds…consistently for a couple of weeks, then and only then, will I stop saying “so far”!!

These are going to definitely be my every day daily goals:

  • write/log everything I eat or drink
  • drink 8 glasses of water
  • walk (or ride bike) for 40 minutes
  • stretch in the morning and at night

These are goals that I can accomplish every single day! 40 minutes is not too much and I think I can do that much walking as many days as I can. They are the Basic 4!

This weekend I have a few other goals to add:

  • clean/scrub bathroom
  • clean kitchen floors
  • Walk lots and lots! It is the weekend (a 3-day weekend) and I have no excuse!

I am one tired chick! I woke up early to watch NASA bomb the moon. I read that is was supposed to happen at 6:15 but it didn’t happen until after 7:30. This was cool because my daughter and I watched it together. But now at almost 11, I am ready for bed!


See ya tomorrow for Saturday Scale Time!

peace out, jen


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