pain in the neck

15 Oct

and back!

Actually, I am having pain in most of the left side of my back~from the neck to my ass!


I literally am a pain in the neck and a pain in the ass!!

Big Man is loving that little tidbit!

I went to the chiropractor on Monday and I think I felt a little better after the adjustment but I still have lingering issues. This is something I have dealt with off and on for years.  It started when I was working full time (at a desk in front of computer) and going to college full time (think long nights writing papers, lots of long and detailed literature papers). I hold all my stress in my neck and shoulder and always on my left side!

I am telling ya, I don’t feel stressed!

Life seems to be getting easier! We were able to consolidate our bills and that is saving us a little money every month. Since we are saving a bit of money I am going to be able to catch up on the bills that have been behind.  Suze somebody (the finance guru) would be appalled!! BUT, I have learned the error in my ways and having Big Man out of work for this long (January will be 2 years) has taught us to downsize and prioritize. We don’t just buy to buy and we don’t frivolously order take out. I am following a menu plan and a budget (no extra money makes that part easier)! In fact, I think I am way more organized than I ever have been. I have not freaked out one morning this school year about lost keys and I only left my cell at home (in my pocket from night before) twice! THIS IS TOTALLY A RECORD FOR ME!!

I have no reason for why my back decided to act up!

But, it did! and I am dealing!

My personal doctor has informed me that I should rest so rest I have done. Today I was dieing to jump on the treadmill! When I got home from work today there was a box waiting for me: My very own Surf Shelf. I finally broke down and ordered one but a review will have to wait until Dr. Mo says it is ok to walk on the treadmill. I think I will be ready after a visit to the chiropractor tomorrow.

Last Saturday, I went back to WW meetings and recommitted to my journey. I have been really good about counting my points! I have all day tomorrow and I still have 10.5 of my WPA (Weekly Points Allowance ~ extra 35 points)!! I have eaten veggies and fruits ; I have had tons of water; I have stayed within my points and made wise choices. Even with the back acting up and me spending a lot of time lounging on the heating pad I have managed to eat well.

And, just as important! I realized today that I have not stepped on the scale on time this week. I had gotten in the habit of checking the scale a couple of times per week.

keep it real, Jen


One Response to “pain in the neck”

  1. South Beach Steve October 16, 2009 at 4:46 am #

    If the doc says take it easy, you need to listen. It is funny how we sometimes push ourselves into a worse condition. The time to use the surf shelf will come soon enough.

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