Saturday Scale Time

31 Oct

Last week: 199.8

This week: 198.8

Change this week: -1.o

Change since 11/8/08: -43.8

Change since back @ WW: -0.6

Summary of week: This was a rough week! Emotionally draining to say the least. I ate more food than I should have but I was careful with my food choices. Let me tell you of the craving for brownies I had! Scratch that!! You really don’t need to see that! BUT, I was a good girl and did not cave into my desire to stuff myself with brownies! Instead I just cried! I let the tears flow. I started the week off so positive! I was going to conquer this stuff! I was not able to do it after we lost Harley. I was so sad and Big Man and Q were sad and it took everything I had to be strong for them. I had nothing left after that!

Hot 100 Update: I am going to be updating here every Saturday. I will add other challenges as I participate. It is convenient since it corresponds with my WW weigh in! This week was horrible but one of my challenges was to track everything and I did! I am also reevaluating the goals I set at the start of this challenge. I will be working on these goals this weekend and will have a new (or updated really) set of goals to finish out this year! I am working on the specifics but my basic goal is to really kick things up a notch and challenge myself! I want sore muscles!

Goals for the week ahead:

  • set new goals for end of year!
  • set goals for next 12 weeks
  • get moving
  • follow healthy guidelines
  • start a routine

Thoughts for the week ahead: I CAN DO THIS!! I CAN KICK “IT” UP A NOTCH!

A special THANK YOU to all my friends:

I am so appreciative of all my friends who have been supporting me and encouraging me! Thanks for listening to me bitch and moan, cry and yell! Thank you for celebrating with me during joyous time. Thank you for raising me up when I am down. Thanks for crying with me when I was sad. JUST THANK YOU!! U ROCK!!

Thank you for reading this mess I call life!

keep it real, jen


One Response to “Saturday Scale Time”

  1. South Beach Steve October 31, 2009 at 11:13 pm #

    I think you have crossed into a new area with your previous post, as well as this one. Kicking it up a notch is pretty awesome, and something that will no doubt pay off. I can’t wait to see how this comes together.

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