Saturday Scale Time

21 Nov

Last week: 198

This week: 197.4

Change this week: -0.6

Change since 11/8/08: -45.2

Change since back @ WW (10/10/09): -2.0

Summary of week: Monday I started the 30 Day Shred!! Jillian Michaels scares the bejesus out of me but I want to be stronger and I want to be toned and sexy! Everyone swears by JM and her 30 Day Shred. I was lucky enough to win a copy of the Shred from Fat Fighter and I have decided to give it a whirl! It is hard! and I sweat! A LOT! it is only 20 minutes long but it seems like so much longer! Tuesday I woke up very sore – muscles I didn’t know existed were screaming! By Friday I was able to do squats later in the day! Today I am taking a day off because my knees are a bit sore. I tweeted my dilemma – and I was told to rest, take the day off and basically that I wouldn’t be able to do anything if I was broken.  I was also told to listen to my body! My body (and brain) is tired! It was a busy and filling week at work! I needed and took a day of rest!

Hot 100 Update: I have changed my goals about four times! I am no longer worried about the 200 squats & 200 sit up challenges. I know it not something I desire to do – it is boring and I choose to do squats in a much more sporadic way and added to other exercises I am doing or as a way to get extra movement into my evenings. I hate just doing crunches but I like doing a variety of core exercises and will continue to work my core in this manner. I am getting more organized and this is the single most important goal I made!! It is also the goal I did not think I would be able to actually accomplish. I didn’t think it was possible for me to be organized but every week I am getting a bit better at it and it is helping in many aspects of life. I am scheduling certain things (blogging, school stuff, household chores, and workouts) and I am actually doing these things! For this alone, I feel like I am accomplishing the impossible! I am so thankful to Steve for creating this challenge! And, since I really really started working on my goals I have starting seeing and feeling the benefits of my hard work! The scale is moving in  the right direction and I am so less stressed!

Goals for the week ahead:

  • Keep on keepin’ on!!
  • Continue Shredding
  • Add walking back into routine (40 minutes 5 times ~ Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday)
  • Do not let Thanksgiving destroy all the hard work I have been doing (It is only one meal and it will not ruin me!)
  • Enjoy family time – turn the computer off a bit more!

Thoughts for the week ahead: This week is going to be interesting! I only have to work 3 days but sometime short weeks are harder than regular weeks. Holidays are especially hard for my students (if you remember I teach at an alternative high school with at-risk youth).  Sometimes it is very hard on the kids! It can be an emotional month between Thanksgiving and Christmas! It makes me very appreciative of my family (even the ones who drive me insane)!! I am really going to work on a better blogging schedule…any hints or thoughts about this? when do you blog? are you scheduled? or random? what would you like to see more or from me? less?


6 Responses to “Saturday Scale Time”

  1. Kirsten November 21, 2009 at 8:52 pm #

    Jen, I love your goals. Just remember not to overdo it. No injuries allowed! With that said, enjoy your Thanksgiving – remember portion control and you’ll be able to enjoy it all without feeling sick at the end of the day.

    With regards to blogging, I’ve been trying to post every day this month unofficially for whatever the national blog every day of November is called. I’ve only missed 2 days so far. I usually do my during the week posts in the morning while my girls are working on their school work. On the weekends it’s usually in the evening. Some days I’m just not inspired to write anything, but participating in a few carnivals helps keep me going.

  2. South Beach Steve November 21, 2009 at 9:57 pm #

    Jen, it sounds like the Hot 100 is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing – helping you progress. Fantastic!

    A blogging schedule is tough. I do some blogging first thing in the morning, and again right before bed. If I have time I do some throughout the day, but that is usually an exception. It is easy to spend too much time on it.

  3. Mommy-Momo November 23, 2009 at 10:43 am #

    great post!!! yes listen to your body. I tweeted you this, but take a nice walk and work out that soreness. it works. The shred totally works too! I’m in love with it. I incorporate it in with other workouts and its has made a big difference. if you have bad knees be careful though. You’re doing great! Have you taken measurements?

  4. Leah @Bookieboo November 23, 2009 at 11:50 am #

    Wish I could give you advice on blogging. I have none. Not good at it. More of a community builder.

    I love how you are making reasonable goals. That’s important. What you want to do is build up successes, no matter how small, cause that will give you the confidence you need to go the long haul. Trust me!

    XXOO love you fellow Mamavation Sista!

  5. Trayce @trulytrayce November 23, 2009 at 1:02 pm #

    Hi Jen!

    Such GREAT goals and progress! I love how you put everything in perspective and keep pushing yourself! It IS important to know that it is okay to take a day if you need one:-) You ROCK, way to go on the loss too!

  6. Lisa @ Shaking It Off ( and Simplified Saving) November 23, 2009 at 1:19 pm #

    You are doing a great job! I am also working on being more organized and it is really hard. I’m so proud of you for making progress in that area…maybe it will rub off on me. I think I may need to try adding the Shred to my workout routine. I teach Zumba 2 or 3 days a week, but need something to do at home on days when I don’t make it to the gym.

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