Saturday Scale Time

5 Dec

Last week: 197.2

This week: 195.6

Change this week: -1.6

Change since 11/8/08: 47.0
Change since back @ WW (10/10/09): -3.8

Summary of week: I had the worst cramps and bloating the week! I was miserable and bitchy for most of the week! I did not exercise all that much 😦 and my body felt it when I got back on the horse (or treadmill as it is). When I finally had it in me to get on the treadmill I decided to sweat out all the evils from my body. I can’t raise the speed much faster than 3 mph – I am not a runner and I am not a speed walker and I am ok with that! This week I learned that I absolutely LOVE inclines! I think it was boredom that had me hitting the incline. Boredom and a side of grumpiness topped with annoyance at everything! It was a very hard, in a I-hate-being-a-girl kind of way, week!! I am so glad it is over and even happier that I only deal with really bad TOM weeks once in a blue moon! Let a new week begin!!

Hot 100 Update: I did not hit one goal this week! I did not workout with any consistency. I did not do any squats! I did not track anything! I was conscious of what I put in my mouth and I made wise and healthy food choices. That was hard at times this past week but I made it through without the aid of brownies! Don’t ask me how but I did it without one single brownie!

Goals for the week ahead:

  • get into the habit of daily stretching (maybe in the form of a short yoga or pilates class)
  • 50 squats every day
  • 10 miles (with lots of hills/inclines)
  • in bed by 11 pm on work nights
  • get things ready for work the night before (I tell the kid to do this; she picks out her outfit, packs her lunch & gets bag ready ~  I am thinking I should do the same)

Thoughts for the week ahead: I am going to monitor my time – really see what I do all day. I know I waste a lot of time and I know I have to and I want to stop wasting time. I also know that I spend way too much time online! I also know with Christmas so close I have lots of extra “stuff” to get done. Tomorrow I am going to a Girls Only Brunch, the 18th is our Staff Party. I have to decorate the house and get prepared for Christmas day. I am not going to get too far ahead of myself but I do want to be prepared for everything coming up because if I don’t do well if I don’t plan ahead!

How are you planning for the holidays?


2 Responses to “Saturday Scale Time”

  1. South Beach Steve December 6, 2009 at 12:11 am #

    Jen, you may not have hit a goal this week, but you did lose weight. For that, be thankful. Now, go and make the upcoming week an entire success!

  2. Trish @IamSucceeding December 6, 2009 at 6:27 am #

    You are doing such a fantaastic job and I am soo very proud of what you are accompishing. You inspire me to continue on!

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