shake your gruve thang

8 Dec

Nope! I didn’t spell it wrong!!

Picture from Core 77

I have been given the pleasure of reviewing a new and very motivational gadget called the Gruve by a company called Muve. The Gruve is a small white gadget (about the size and shape of a pedometer) that I wear clipped on my pants at about waist level. The Gruve is small and designed perfectly to clip onto any style waistband.  I was skeptical about this feature because I always have trouble keeping my pedometer firmly in place. My Gruve has yet to move from my waistband!

Is the Gruve a pedometer? NO! The Gruve measures your activities and the calories you burn throughout your day. The Gruve measures all of your activity in length and duration.The Gruve will motivate you to move! The Gruve will buzz you and remind you to not sit idle for too long.

I have seen other products on the market designed to monitor caloric burn but the Gruve is quite different. (To be fair, I have never used any other product to track and monitor my calories.) I have looked at some of those products and heart-rate monitors.

My Gruve is easy to use and easy to understand! I clip it to my waist and it monitors my activity. The Gruve has a color bar that changes colors as I progress through my caloric use of the day. It starts at read and the goal is to go from red, to orange, to yellow, to blue and hopefully to green. It is my goal to hit my green goal every day. This keeps me moving, moving ’til I hit green!

I am a very lazy individual! I will lounge about the couch more than a human being should want!! My Gruve has helped me spend less time on the couch. If I sit for too long my Gruve lets me know by vibrating. Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzzz. I still jump when I get buzzed and this is so great because it forces me to get up and get moving. I never want to sit for too long but sometimes it happens. I am forever grateful that my Gruve buzzes me and doesn’t let me get too lazy.

Does Gruving Promote Weightloss? Yes and No! The Gruve reminds me to get moving and not sit for too long. I have lost 4 pounds in the last month and I can say that moving and gruving have helped me with this weightloss. BUT, the Gruve promotes and encourages movement. It does not control what I put into my mouth! It is my responsibility to eat responsibly!

I love my Gruve! I always know where I am at in regards to my green goal. I always want to hit my green goal. It is important to keep moving and get activity in a variety of ways. My Gruve motivates me and keeps me moving and for that it is invaluable.

Disclosure: I received a free Gruve for review. I was not compensated for this review. My review was honest and was not influenced in any way. If you have any questions, please hit me up in the comments or send me an email (!


4 Responses to “shake your gruve thang”

  1. South Beach Steve December 8, 2009 at 9:36 pm #

    This looks intriguing. I just can’t justify the $$.

  2. Trish @IamSucceeding December 9, 2009 at 6:10 am #

    Cool gadget Jen. If I did not already have my bodyBugg and love it, I might have to check further into it. Tahnks for shedding light ona new gadget though, will tuck the info a way for a rainy day.

    Great job BTW on losing the 4 pounds! awesome woman!!

  3. Eleanor December 10, 2009 at 2:12 am #

    Very nice review. I am intrigued.
    I have question about clipping the gruve. I never wear a belt and I typically wear pants that don’t have belt loops. How would I be able to clip this on and make sure that it is secure?

  4. mark January 14, 2010 at 10:25 pm #

    I love my Gruve too! I use to be a Body Bugg Wearer and then discovered the Gruve. I was sick of wearing something on my arm and this device was so small and unnoticeable. I was down to 145 at 5’9″ and then with the Gruve I too was able to drop an extra 4 pounds in about 1.5 months. It was nice having the reminder to move through out the whole day not just at the gym.

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