Perfect 10. week 2 update.

16 Jan

How did I work my goals this week?

1. Lose 5 pounds per month – my weigh in day is Saturday (tomorrow), last week I lost 8 pounds which put me at even from my holiday gain and a loss of 2 for January. I am working hard to hit my goal of 5 every month…on average.

2. Walk 15 miles each week – I logged 13 of 15 miles this week. I am making progress!!

3. Strength train 3x each week, every week – I am still struggling in this area. I do not belong to a gym – I just can’t afford to waste my money and I would be lost in the weight room. I do better when I can follow along with a workout dvd…I have been making sure I do my walking dvds since the incorporate some moderate strength training. I have also been adding in strength-type exercises here and there. but…I don’t really feel like I know what I am doing and I hate not knowing what I am doing. I keep trying new things and I am going to try another new this week. My good friend, Hilary, blogged the other day about baby-stepping into strength and she totally spoke to me. Hilary is going to be following a plan from one of Sparkpeople’s bootcamp challenges. I like the looks of this plan and I will be trying it out this week!

4. find and prepare one new healthy recipe (or food) – I am still figuring out my camera and I just fixed my internet issues  – so I am a bit behind in blogging about new foods/recipes. This week I tried a new brussel sprouts recipe that was super yummy and super easy!


Friday: treadmill – 3.01 miles, 60 minutes. I started at 9:30 – a little late but better late than never! and it was pretty intense. I know a 20 minute mile may not be fast for a lot of you but for me and on the treadmill this was a fast walk! I loved it and damn did I sweat it out! I am kind of gross! sorry for the info, I know you wanted to know.

Gruve:  GREEN goal

Steps: 14,946

Thursday: treadmill – 3 miles, 66 minutes. I really enjoyed this walk! mixing in walking dvds makes the treadmill so much more fun. I upped the speed to 3.0 for most of the walk and I hit the incline – 1% for about 20 minutes total and 2% for about 20 minutes total.

Gruve:  GREEN goal (I aim for green every day)

Steps: 14, 911

Wednesday: 60 minutes, 4 mile Walk at Home Weight Loss Walk (walking, cardio, resistance, and core) ~~> I did the middle mile, or the Mary Kay mile, twice.

Gruve:  GREEN goal

Steps: 14,240

Tuesday: I had a bit of a meltdown today. I snapped at my husband over something really stupid and then broke down all blubbery. I cried my eyes out and I can’t really tell ya why. This took a lot out of me but I managed to eek out some exercises that the @shrinkingjeans through at me while they all watch Biggest Loser. Every Tuesday, the girls tweet last chance workouts to do during the commercial breaks. I did squats, pushups, planks, squat holds and a few jumping jack. I do not like jumping jacks at all!

Gruve:  BLUE goal (almost to green but not quite)

Steps: 6,509

Monday: unintentional rest day. Some days life just totally gets in the way.

Gruve:  BLUE goal

Steps: 7,800

Sunday: 45 minute, 3 mile Walk Away your Waistline with Walk Belt (walking, cardio, resistance, and core) 50 squats

Gruve:  Yellow goal (about 50% of the way to green…totally a lazy Sunday)

Steps: 7,809

Saturday: rest day. house cleaning day.


I started wearing a pedometer regularly again. I have tried a few different pedometers but I went back to the Weight Watchers model and I love it! It fits nice and tracks pretty accurately. (Just my experience, I bought my own WW pedometer.)  I have been making it a point to stand and walk around much more while I teach. I am working every extra calorie I can get ~ 😉

It was a long and exhausting week. There were days where I did not do what I should have. I completely broke down on Tuesday. I am not sure what brought it on but I was a mess. and I could not figure out how to come out of it and be productive. All I wanted was the couch, a blanket and a cup of coffee. I guess that is progress…I probably would have made and ate an entire batch of brownies.

What you don’t know about Jen…..

Speaking of brownies…I have not had a brownie in forever. I cannot be trusted around brownies. One is never enough!! If I make the brownies, I eat the batter and eat the baked brownies. I can and have eaten the entire tray of brownies before they ever cooled down all the way. At parties where brownies were set out, I have been know to walk by and grab then walk by again…and again…and again…you get the drift. I have a serious brownie problem…I like it in all forms…I cannot eat just one…I just stay away…it is easier and safer that way…

I love this part of the challenge…it is kind of goofy telling you silly little things about myself and I am going with things that I probably would not tell you otherwise.

Is there anything you want to know? Just ask!!

I love this challenge and I am so glad Steve is hosting such an awesome challenge. Thanks Steve!!


4 Responses to “Perfect 10. week 2 update.”

  1. South Beach Steve January 16, 2010 at 12:41 am #

    You are welcome Jen! I love the interesting facts part too. I think it helps us realize how human we all are. I am with you, let’s both have a less stressful week this week!

  2. Tracy January 16, 2010 at 1:46 pm #

    Great week of walking! And if Saturday was a house cleaning day, that certainly wasn’t a rest day!

  3. Biz January 16, 2010 at 7:41 pm #

    Awesome week Jen!! You kicked ass – you should be proud of yourself!!


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