measured success

19 Jan

I am not very good about taking my measurements.

I forget to take them.

I don’t know how often I should be taking them!

Well, after my horrible scale number on Saturday I got to thinking! And tweeting! and my twitter peeps said I should take measurements!

I looked in my fitbook and I had taken some measurements November 1 and I took measurements on Monday.

Chest: nov 1: 42.5 in,  jan 18: 41.0 in, change: -1.5 in

Right Arm: nov 1: 14.5, jan 18: 13.5, change: -1.0 in

Left Arm: nov 1: 13.5, jan 18: 13.5, change: 0

Waist: nov 1: 40.75, jan 18: 38.5, change: – 2.25

Hips: nov 1: 45.5, jan 18: 42, change: -3.5

Thighs (both right & left measured sep.): nov 1: 27, jan 18: 26, change: -1.0

Weight: nov 1: 198.8, jan 18: 198, change: -0.8

I think the measurements look better than the weight loss itself! When should I take measurements again?


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    […] of the puzzle is the number on the scale and part of the puzzle is measurements. I finally took new measurements and there were actual changes between November and now. I have heard every option for how often to […]

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