mindful menu – 1.24.10

24 Jan

Sunday: Big Man is making Braciole and pasta.

Monday: Patty Melts ~ hamburger patty with fried onions and swiss cheese & 1000 island dressing.  I will make health salad and baked potato skins.

Tuesday: Soup and Sandwiches. I have some Zero Point Soup and Big Man’s Chicken Noodle in the fridge.

Wednesday: Roasted Chicken and Veg (potatoes, carrots & butternut squash)

Thursday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and something green!

Friday: Stove Top Chicken Parm with pasta and a salad.

I had a hard time getting motivated to plan out this week’s dinner. I was just not in the mood but I knew I had to plan. Life is so much easier if I have a menu plan. With a plan, I am able to have time to workout instead of worrying about what I am gonna be making for dinner. I sat on my couch this morning with Food Network & Weight Watchers magazines and a new WW cookbook and could not find anything I really had to make! So, I went with stuff I knew I had and planned easy, but yummy and healthy, meals!

My good friend, Jenna, blogs at Chive Talkin‘ and she is the mastermind of the Mindful Menu Plan!! I am forever grateful for Jenna! Menu planning has been a big help to me, my weight loss, my budget, and my sanity.


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