feeling a bit more human

3 Feb

Being sick sucks!!

I am not 100% yet but I feel more like a human being today. I have worked all week.  On Monday and Tuesday I cam home from school so freaking tired. The stairs at school are really freaking killing me this week! I cannot breathe by the time I hit the first little landing…like 6 steps! AND, my classroom is on second floor and bathroom is in basement…which isn’t really all that many steps (my school is a little  old building that was once a Kindergarten school, built 100+ years ago).  Needless to say, I am not drinking very much water at school.

Last night, Big Man and I decided to plan a mid-week night out for tonight (Wednesday)! The kid was super stoked to go see Avatar in 3D and eat at Chili’s on a school night! I was happy to not have to make dinner! Avatar was a great movie! It had elements of Fern Gully, the Matrix and Dances with Wolves  which I kind of already figured from the commercial previews. I DID not think I was going to like this movie as much as I did!! Blue people are so cool! and they live on the coolest planet! The hippie who lives inside me loved so much of this movie! We went to the 3:30 movie and we basically left the house as soon as i came home from school. I sliced an apple and grabbed a Fiber 1 bar for snacking at the movie.

We went to Chili’s after the movie. I looked at the menu and nutritional information last night. I was prepared. I had a plan. I LOVE Chili’s!! The nutritional information is extensive…it has everything to figure out WW points for all dishes! I went with the Chicken and Green Chili soup & House Salad.  We split an appetizer: the triple dipper with southwest egg rolls, onion strings & jalepeno stacks, and spinach & artichoke dip. I estimate my portion to be about 10 points. I used some (ok, the last of them) WAPs but it was so worth it! We have not gone out in a while.  Big Man and I were going to go out last weekend while the kid was at sleepovers but I was sick and too sneezy to go  out in public.

Wednesday night Movie and Dinner with my two favorite people!!

Tomorrow, I am going to attempt a workout. I need a workout! I miss my workouts!

Where is Jen?!?! What have you done with Jen?!?!

Seriously, my biggest bitch about being sick is that I have just finally gotten into a good workout rhythm and being sick puts that on hold.  It has been one week since my last workout!

I never blogged about my weigh-in…mainly because I felt like a pile of poo on Saturday and did nothing. Then I sent lots of time playing catch up from being sick and useless.

I gained 1 pound at Saturday’s weigh in…

I do not care what that scale says….I did better than to gain 1 pound. BUT, my head was filled with crap! I felt heavier! and I had just gotten my good old monthly friend and I was bloaty!

I would like to say that this week’s weigh in will be a loss but who the hell knows! The scale is evil! I am only weighing in because….errr….I don’t know why I am weighing in but I have to have a weekly number, even if I don’t like it! I will take my measurements again next weekend (middle of Feb) and I hope to see a nice difference there.

February has some exciting events.  Big Man bought us concert tickets to two different shows. We are seeing Further (Phil Lesh & Bob Weir) on February 15th and the 27th. The 11th I am being filmed at school, the 12th is a big Senior Citizen’s Valentine Luncheon at school and  the 24th is my birthday.

I am up past my bedtime but I had to finish this post!! I am ready to get back to “normal”!

go ahead, make jokes!! As if I have a clue what normal means?!?!? LMAO!!

much love & good night !


3 Responses to “feeling a bit more human”

  1. footdr69 February 4, 2010 at 6:14 am #

    You did wonderfully last night!!! Planning is key to nights out!!! (You taught me that) Keep up the great work, my dear friend!!! ENJOY YOUR WORKOUT!!! I've missed you! 😉

  2. Trish @IamSucceeding February 4, 2010 at 8:11 am #

    You are doing great Jen…I know all about routines being disturbed!! UGH! Seriously…but you know what You kick butay!!

    So glad you had a date night…and you saw Avatar!!

    Hoping you feel better…a LOT better today!

  3. @FitInMyHeart February 4, 2010 at 11:14 am #

    You did wonderfully last night!!! Planning is key to nights out!!! (You taught me that) Keep up the great work, my dear friend!!! ENJOY YOUR WORKOUT!!! I've missed you! 😉

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