The Monday Project: predicting the future

6 Feb

*As you can see it is not Monday, but I am getting caught up on some Sisterhood homework.

Rethink Your Shrink, The Monday Project

Another homework assignment and I am late!! I swear I was a better student than I have been during this challenge. I must admit, I am not even sorry that I am behind in my homework. I have been “Rethinking” my Shrink and refocusing on myself and my journey.  I have not been blogging a whole lot but I have been focusing on the journey. I am eating well (Monday – Friday) and I am making working out a priority.  Crazy, I know! And then I got sick! Freaking sick and freaking miserable and useless! I am feeling better so I will be catching up on my homework!

Dear 2011,

*I tried writing this letter to myself but writing in the 3rd person was driving me crazy. Instead, I am going to write a letter to welcome the year 2011.

Well hello good lookin’!!

2010 was indeed the Year of Jen! 2010 was a year of learning and growing and adapting and learning more! 2010 was the year I finally stepped up, stopped weighting (pun intended) for weightloss to happen and took strides to make sure the weight came off. I finally stopped using the scale as the only tool to define success or failure. I learned to trust myself to do what is right for me! and guess what, I was super successful!!

I tried so many different types of workouts along this journey but I remembered my love for Leslie Sansone and Walk(ing) at Home! I walked in my living room an average of three times per week but I added all sorts of workouts to keep variety. I decided to be brave and try classes of all variety. I even tried running and yoga again.

The winter was hard because it was cold and I HATE the cold! That cold winter cemented my workout habit – working out when I totally wanted to just crawl under the covers and hide helped me make workouts a daily habit. I learned to enjoy workouts in a way I did not think possible. Who knew?!?! I actually like working out. I also learned to incorporate exercises into every day activities!

I learned that working out was the major key to my weight loss. I love food!! LOVE LOVE love food! I found the most fabulous healthy recipes – some were hits and some were flops. I made new recipes or new (to me) foods all year long. I have a whole new appreciation for food and what food does for my body. I still love some of my junk food and I still allow myself treats but I have found a better balance.

The husband and I were only able to plan one family trip but we made it a good one. We found hiking trails and walked a trail each day of our trip. We also scouted out places for walking/hiking through trails close enough to home to travel to and walk and make it home in the same day.  We had so much fun and were active every chance we could get! It was/is amazing!

I hit goal this year!! How freaking amazing is that?!?! I worked hard! I went to my Weight Watchers meetings every Saturday morning and I hit goal! I ate great foods! I worked out! I changed my mind, my body and it all worked! I am still in amazement that I am at goal! The best part of hitting goal – I have changed my way of thinking, eating and moving but I have also changed my family!!

I started staying after school twice each week to workout with a few of my students in our gym. I also started a girl’s only fitness/life skills class at school. An hour each Friday has been devoted to working on increasing self esteem, body image, and self love for my female students. This is my single most exciting and awesome accomplishment of 2010. I learned so much about myself along this journey and I feel like I really have used everything I have gained to help build up the confidences of some very insecure teenage girls.

2010 was a GREAT year!! 2011 will be even better!!

Thanks for following along on this crazy journey!

much love, Jen


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