mindful menu plan – week of 2.7.10

7 Feb

I am watching the Super Bowl and tweeting and menu planning!! That is what I call major excitement! We were invited to a Super Bowl party but we decided to stay home. This weekend we got hammered with snow when a nasty nor’easter blew into town. The storm was pretty freaking bad! We lost power for several hours on Saturday morning. I did not take pictures! Sorry folks, I slacked there! Here is a link to the front page of local paper.

Needless to say, I have been in the house and not eating all that bad but not all that great! Really, I just ate too much this weekend! This week will focus on lots of veggies!

monday: Barley Stuffed Peppers -I am going to add diced zucchini to the stuffing and make cauliflower fritters on the side.

tuesday: Chicken Caesar Salad

wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner – the kid has requested pancakes and bacon. She loves breakfast for dinner!

thursday:  Skirt Steak Fajitas – loaded with peppers and onions and such.

friday: Pork Goulash – I found a slow cooker cookbook that I forgot I had. Big man looked through it and found a couple recipes he wanted to try. I settled on this one for this week.

One of my goals this year was to try one new food or recipe each week. So far I have been doing good with this goal but I haven’t really mentioned it too often. This week I am hitting both: I have never had barley (so actually, barley qualifies as a new food and a new recipe) and I have never made the Pork Goulash. I am very excited about this week’s dinner.

Lunches will be leftovers from dinners plus there is leftover chicken pot pie and spaghetti in the fridge. Hubs also took out some homemade ham & bean soup out of freezer.

Breakfasts will be eggs (with leftover veg or hashbrowns cooked in Pam), or oatmeal with apples or bananas

*Every week I write this menu plan. Every week there are life stresses…but I always know what I am having for dinner. This is one stress I am glad I do not have in my life. My good friend, Jenna, introduced me to menu planning and I am so happy she did! Menu planing keeps me sane, there are no more days of standing in front of the fridge wondering what the heck I am making for dinner.  I post a handwritten copy of this menu on the fridge and hubby and daughter help with dinners, either getting stuff out of freezer or helping pull everything out to make dinner.

If you are not menu planning, I strongly suggest you try it out!!


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