mindful menu – week of 2.21.2010

21 Feb

Sunday: Braised Beef with Barley minus the peas, adding a side of green beans

Monday:  Meatloaf & mashed potatoes and spinach

Tuesday: Ham and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts with a side of broccoli and egg noodles

Wednesday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Tacos ~ the kid’s request. It is after all a school day and we have responsibilities! The kid has karate so we are making something easy and quick! After dinner and the stinky karate kid showers I think we will go get Friendly’s Sundaes instead of birthday cake!

Thursday:  Roasted Garlic Chicken (Food Network mag page 88) with mashed potatoes

Friday: Make our Own PIZZAs!! I have been seeing this item on many of my fellow planners menus over the past few weeks and I have to have them!!

Now, I am off to make a list for the grocery store. I hope you are all taking advantage of menu planning. It has been a huge help to me and my sanity!! It can help you too!! Just hop over to Jenna’s blog and check it out!!


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