food for thought

25 Mar

This was so not the post I was going to post tonight! I was all set to post bunches of pictures from Fitbloggin but suddenly I found myself thinking about food.

I have been making changes to my diet. A few weeks ago I officially broke up with Weight Watchers (but they totally screwed me and charged me for another month)! I made this decision for several reasons:

1. Money ~ WW is $40/month and well Big Man is still out of work. On Monday I received a pink slip (but it was on white paper) so no more unnecessary spending.

2. Obsessed ~ I was beginning to go points-crazy! I was so obsessed about how many points and tracking that I was going crazy. Then there was the incident with mini-me: she asked me how many points were in her snack and I freaked! My mom was always on some diet or another and she didn’t always speak kindly about my body size and/or shape. She went through a brown, cardboard phase and one year there was pineapple in ever dish on the Easter table. I do NOT want my daughter growing up like I did!

3. Guilt ~ I began to hate tracking my points! Everything I ate was causing me great upset. Anytime I ate too much or the wrong food I was feeling so guilty. I love food but I was beginning to dread eating. When I started running a few weeks ago, I realized I was hungry a lot but when I ate extra (even though it was good stuff like veggies and chicken) I felt guilty.

Worse, I wasn’t losing any real weight! I was floundering with my weight loss and I was starting to hate the whole process. I just want to be normal…whatever the hell that even means. I don’t want to have to obsess about food. I want to eat what my body needs and enjoy food (all food) and not analyze and agonize over what I can and cannot, should and should not eat.

A few weeks ago, I chatted with a friend and we discussed food options. She was trying out Body for Life and I admit, I like many things about BFL. For the most part BFL looks like a great place to start – it seems like a very “clean” way to eat, even though I am not sure I understand what that means exactly. I have been trying to eat close to the BFL way and so far I like it! But while at Fitbloggin I listened to a very interesting man named David Grotto and I found myself nodding along to a lot of what he was saying. And then later I got to shake hands and chat with DG and he knew who I was!!!! I mean seriously, he knew me!! Craziness!!

“Adding IN” not “taking out”

I love this concept. Instead of eliminating foods and craving them I just add in healthy stuff! I have been doing this to some extent but this week I am kicking it up a notch. I add spinach to my eggs, zucchini to my eggs and pasta sauce, and actually I had a bag of spinach and I have added spinach to leftovers, salads, sandwiches, eggs, and I am sure I will find more ways to squeeze in more veg.

In the few weeks since I stopped counting points I feel like I have been making better food choices and the scale has been kind. You know I only hold so much stock in the scale but I have been losing with more consistency. I also have been feeling awesome! I love adding extra veggies to each meal. I have been eating extra fruit every day. Funny thing is ~ I am probably eating the same calories (I don’t really keep track) but I am definitely more satisfied.

A change will do you good!!! That just came out of nowhere but I suddenly caught myself singing.

keep on keepin’ on, jen


6 Responses to “food for thought”

  1. Jen, a priorfatgirl March 26, 2010 at 9:07 am #

    great post… and, if we can really move past this whole concept of counting (points, calories, fat, carbs, etc) maybe we can really learn to value food as fuel and not as a focal point for our thinking all day. Have a great weekend lady!

    • jeninRL March 27, 2010 at 9:07 pm #

      thanks Jen!my husband and I talked about this again today and he let me know that I dotalk about food and points and losing weight too much!! He also said since Ibroke up with WW I have been so much more relaxed! He is right and I amenjoying food so much more!Have a great weekend!J

  2. kclanderson March 26, 2010 at 2:55 pm #

    Oh wow….the feelings you wrote about are exactly why I started my blog a year ago…I KNEW that obsessing over food would just get me more obsessed! I knew that viewing this as a “struggle” would make it so! I yearned for that normal, I-am-okay I-trust-myself place where it would all just come naturally. I used to track my calories faithfully at and it worked for me for a while…then it didn't and the guilt I felt over quitting was immense. But I love the idea of adding in versus taking out. Great post. 🙂

  3. Mary Lutz March 27, 2010 at 12:35 pm #

    Yeah, I'm divorcing WW too. I've been doing their online program which isn't as expensive, but still. I'm paid through April 17, so in the mean time I'm checking out Jillian Micheal's online program, which I really like. She has lots of trackers like a food log, a fitness log, a personal thoughts blog, and much more. Her program helps determine which food plan is best by how your body naturally metabolizes food (slow, medium or fast) as well as lots of recipes, a shopping list and so much more. I really like it. A friend of mine is doing Body for Life too and really likes it. I am going to check it out. Thanks!!!

  4. Jenn March 28, 2010 at 3:35 pm #

    I LOVE the new blog layout! So cute!I hear ya on the points. The same thing happened to me the last time I was on WW. I was so freakin' obsessed with points!!! There's got to be a better way…

  5. Jenn March 28, 2010 at 7:35 pm #

    I LOVE the new blog layout! So cute!I hear ya on the points. The same thing happened to me the last time I was on WW. I was so freakin' obsessed with points!!! There's got to be a better way…

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