mindful menu plan – week of 6.13.10

13 Jun

It is a busy week and I honestly do not know how we can do everything. And, next week is already shaping up to be just as busy.  This always happens at the end of the school year but this year my cousin and my little brother are graduating 8th grade and I have been with my current seniors for 3 years so I have to go  to their graduation.  Even as I type this, the menu has already changed because of extra activities.  Having a menu plan will ensure that we eat healthy dinners.

Sunday:  Crabcake with cucumber salad I am blogging the menu and it is after dinner and OMG crab cakes were beautiful and delicious!

Monday: Turkey Balls with Egg Noodles (or Chinese take-out) I was just invited to meet a few girlfriends at 5:30 and I have a meeting at school at 7. Husband has already mentioned Chinese and it has been a while.

Tuesday:  Chicken Cheese Steaks with a big salad made with romaine and red leaf lettuce from my garden.

Wednesday: BBQ chicken and grilled veggies

Thursday: Steak Night – steak (duh) and a salad from the garden.

Friday: Shrimp/Fish Tacos

It is very important that we eat dinner together as often as is possible. It is just as important that we make meals that fit our schedule and are healthy and balanced.  We may not always follow the plan exactly…hey, life happens…but having something planned for each day helps us not stray off track.

Are you menu planning yet? Why not? Give it a try, I promise you won’t be sorry.


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