menu planning in real life

6 Sep

Menu planning is SUPER important right now.  Menu planning starts with an inventory of the pantry and freezer and a look at our schedules. The kid starts back to school on Tuesday and we have to step up karate to 3 classes most weeks until the big black belt test sometime in November.

This week we started making the menu plan on Saturday because we needed a few things from the grocery store. A quick menu plan produced a quick list of sale items to be purchased. Then we were invited to a BBQ for today so the menu needed to be switched.  Since it is a late afternoon barbecue and sometimes we don’t eat that much I switched the menu around and added a quick throw-together time meal for tonight -an already-made meal (sort of – from leftovers) is perfect for such occasions. I moved the rest of the week down and the Zucchini Parm is in the freezer so it won’t go to waste.

Just a glimpse into the mind of my menu plan.

Are you menu planning? Do you want to menu plan but still have questions?!? Check out for more menu plans and menu ideas!


One Response to “menu planning in real life”

  1. trainingsplan muskelaufbau September 14, 2010 at 9:11 am #

    A goal without a strategy is just a fantasy imo

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