Introducing "Cooking in Real Life" & a menu

19 Sep

I am finally going to start blogging about food. NO, I will not be turning this blog into a food journal. I do not have it in me to take pictures of absolutely everything I eat. I am just too lazy. However, certain foods just must have their pictures taken. I have been making quite a few creations and when I try something I think is gonna be awesome I take pictures of the process and of course the final product. Sometimes I get winners and sometimes I even trash pictures.

I love food.  My food evolution has been quite remarkable. Seven years ago, when I met Big Man I did not cook anything. I was almost useless in the kitchen. Now, I am trying crazy recipes or making it up as I go along.  Most of my creations don’t have real recipes and I will probably tell you a story instead of just a recipe but it is a story I need to tell so enter “Cooking in Real Life” ~ this will be a new category where I will blog my creations, food finds, family-approved recipe links and weekly menus. All such posts will be tagged Cooking in Real Life. I have gone from cooking out of a box to from scratch, healthy, yummy recipes.  I hope you all enjoy.  Oh, and since I am always sporadic I am not going to tie myself in knots to make sure I have a food related post on certain day each week I will warn you that posts (as always) will be sporadic…it’s how I roll!

Today is Sunday and I usually post a weekly menu on Sunday (the only post you can almost always get on a set day) this will be my first Cooking in Real Life post.

As always, I will be linking my menu up at Chive Talkin‘  – If you are a menu planner or you want to start menu planning I suggest you check out Jenna’s weekly menu linkage. Jenna started me with menu planning and it is the best thing I have done for my family. We eat healthy, including tons of fresh vegetables, and we do it on a budget.

This week’s menu is all about using what we have with a minimal shopping trip.

Monday: The kid emailed me a recipe she wants to try so tonight she will be helping me make Chicken Fingers with side of pesto pasta and veg.

Tuesday: Red Beans & Rice with Andouille & shrimp. I have been craving the taste on New Orleans!

Wednesday: Chicken Burgers with oven fries & salad.

Thursday: Pancakes and a Veg Omelette

Friday: I may try my hand at making my own pizza dough. I OR there is Stuffed Zucchini in the freezer made last month with fresh from the garden zucchini.

Sidenotes #1: How cool is it that the kid is looking at healthy, yummy new recipes and emailing them to me and dad (we both got emails)?!?!

Sidenote #2: I have pictures of the Stuffed Zucchini creation and I will blog them soon.

Sidenote #3: The following picture will be the first creation to be posted sometime this week. Any guesses?!?


2 Responses to “Introducing "Cooking in Real Life" & a menu”

  1. Deborah Alvarado September 19, 2010 at 8:44 pm #

    Oooh, I’m excited! Can’t wait to see your recipes!

  2. KLI September 19, 2010 at 10:26 pm #

    stuffed peppers?!?

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