hodgepodge week in review

8 Oct

*If you follow me on twitter or facebook you probably already know I have been sick!

*My daughter brought icky germs home and we all got it.

*I stayed home sick on Monday.

* Tuesday and Wednesday I went to work but I came home and immediately napped both days.

*Thursday I was able to go to work and get in a workout. I went hiking in the park with my girl, Kerry. We wound up hiking 5 miles.  WOOT!

Gorgeous, ain’t it?!? Pictures like this remind me why I love where I live so much (even though I hate it at times)

*Friday (today) I had an inservice day at school and some of my coworkers were meeting for breakfast but a few of us decided to go walking on the beach. It was a perfect morning for a 3.66 mile walk on the beach.

*I am a bit overwhelmed with getting sick this close to my first half marathon. I am a wee bit nervous – mainly because of my lung situation.

*I have already said it but now I really get it and I really mean it: run, walk, crawl, FINISH!! This is my only goal for my first half.

*I have had buckets and buckets or orange juice, coffee and tea this week while  I have been sick…BUT nowhere near enough water 😦

*I am feeling better, not 100% but much better.  WAY better! 🙂 My lungs feel like I had a bronchitis/chest thing and my nose is still on the sniffly side but not stuffy. I am tired of being sick!

*I want to be better but I am still going to take it easy and rest as much as possible! At the same time, I am going to rehydrate myself!

*I WILL run/walk (whatever it takes) 10 miles on Sunday.

*Monday is Columbus Day and a day off from school (the karate kid has school) and I have big plans in taking Miss Lucy to the beach for the very first time! I cannot wait to see my puppy play at the beach and it’s supposed to be beautiful weather!

*I will try to keep you posted as my half looms (seriously, if we are not connected on twitter or facebook – let’s be friends!! I will post there daily!)

*For now, I am going to cuddle up on the couch with my husband and watch Robin Hood! We have a busy weekend ahead of us!

*  How are you going to spend your holiday weekend?

Thanks for sticking with me on this journey! MUCH LOVE to you all!!


4 Responses to “hodgepodge week in review”

  1. JBeyondSurvival October 9, 2010 at 1:10 am #

    So so so glad you’re feeling better!

  2. South Beach Steve October 9, 2010 at 3:09 am #

    Sorry to hear you have been sick, but glad you are feeling better. BTW, I love living int he country – problems and all.

  3. Nadine October 9, 2010 at 6:57 pm #

    I still don’t understand it but Florida doesn’t observe Columbus Day so no holiday for me. I will be thinking of you tomorrow — I’m running 11 — my last long run before my 1/2 next Saturday.

    I am glad you are feeling better and as usual am in awe of your tenacity!!

    Way to go!

  4. Lissa_ShrinkingJeans October 10, 2010 at 2:16 pm #

    Our kids don’t get off school, but that’s okay. I’m feeling sick and rundown myself! Try some colloidal silver to push past your yucko -it has worked for me in the past!

    Your 1/2 is coming! I’m so excited!!

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