F/V Loaded

13 Mar

**I do not have a picture of my haul. I am a slacker and I forgot!

4 HUGE Pinova Apples

2 1lb container Strawberries

2lb red seedless grapes

2 1-pt blackberries

7 – navel oranges

2 heads – green leaf lettuce

3 – crowns of broccoli

2- big zucchini

2lbs brussel sprouts

2lbs teeny red potatoes

5lbs yukon gold potatoes

4 HUGE sweet onions

2 – butternut squash

3lbs green beans

2 heads cabbage

3 – dozen eggs

Total price = $37

Recently, Produce Junction moved into my neighborhood. At first I was sad, they took the place of my favorite grocery store. I did not want to give PJ the time of day, I was resistant to change.

Once I stepped inside, I was HOOKED!!! Produce Junction is AWESOME!! I go to Produce Junction once a week for my “bulk” trip. O load up on all sorts of goodies.  As you can see from above, the haul is quite worth the trip. Me and my family have been eating more fruits and veggies than ever. We have a pretty tight budget and Produce Junction has been a huge help in keeping fruits and veggies at the forefront of our daily diet.

One of my biggest worries buying so much produce is spoilage. At first, I thought it wouldn’t matter. As cheap as the produce is, does it really matter if some gets spoiled?!? YES!! I do not want to waste!! What is the point of  a budget if I am throwing money into the trash?!?

I know, you are wondering how I use all that produce.

1. I eat a fruit or veggie with every meal!

2. smoothies!!! I have been making smoothies almost every morning, sometime I even add spinach. I haven’t added protein powder, but that is because I am too cheap  to spend $$ on it.

3. soup, lots of soup! Today I am making mud soup – barley and veggies and black beans = mud soup – very filling!!

4. I roast red peppers. Today I am making spicy roasted red pepper hummus for veggie dipping.

5. All the veggie butts become stock

I am not always the greatest at getting 5 servings of fruits and veggies, but I am getting better! I am making F/V the most important part of my meals.  Produce Junction has helped me increase the F/V in my life.

*Just a note, I love Produce Junction!! They have no idea who I am! I wrote this post because I wanted to share my love of fruits and veggies, especially when I find them so cheap!


2 Responses to “F/V Loaded”

  1. Tonyne @Unlikely Success Story March 13, 2011 at 4:33 pm #

    Holy crap what a deal!

  2. Lissa_ShrinkingJeans March 13, 2011 at 4:58 pm #

    WOW! Total awesomeness!

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