check in

8 Apr

I just could not bring myself to blog this week!

I have lots in my head to blog out.


Big Man started a new job this week and we have been adjusting to the new schedule.

I have needed to take back many of the household responsibilities I have been spoiled having Big Man do.

I have my girly friend who is not really a friend.

I have been too tired so I rested.

I will be back in full force…


If you can’t stay away from me….I know how hard that can be….

check me out HERE!!

Yours truly is the Featured Blogger at Fitblogger


One Response to “check in”

  1. Lissa April 9, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    MWAH! Just wanted to say I was thinking of you and HI! 🙂

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