what the heck is GCX?!?! (a guest post)

2 Jun
Jen In Real Life is proud to present Anda, from Leaving Fatville and the Great Clothing Exchange. I have been tweetingm facebooking and stalking Anda for a while now and I was super lucky to meet up with her at Fitbloggin. Anda is a great friend and has a great concept with her GCX and I roped her into telling us a story, but in true blogger fashion part one of this story can be found HERE – go read it and come back to read the ending.
So, without further ado, here’s Anda:
The Great Clothing Exchange was an idea born of necessity and the kindness of other weight loss bloggers. After lamenting that I would never be able to replenish my wardrobe at each size, a blogger named Emily sent me an email asking for my mailing address. She had a few things in my size that she could send me. A week later, a giant box was on my front porch. It was filled with pants in every single size you could be on your way down. Exercise pants, jeans… it had everything I’d need. I was stunned. I immediately emailed her to say thank you and ask what I could do to repay her kindness.
She only sent back one line: Pay it forward when it’s your time.
And with that, Great Clothing Exchange was born. It took almost 6 months to get it off the ground, but it’s finally made it’s way to the internet. Now, you can clean out your closet of those too big clothes and put them on the site for another person that may need that next size down. Random winners are chosen from the comments and the winner pays the shipping costs. Eventually, we’d like to move into no one having to pay anything to get their new size, or their closet cleaned out. 
I sent back another email to that blogger, Emily and put in the link to GCX. This was for you, I told her. This is how I’m paying it forward. 
During Fitbloggin, GCX got to pay it even further forward. It was a hastily planned event, completely at the last minute. I put a call out for attendees to bring their extra clothes to swap during the events on Friday. I called out, and boy, did people answer! So many clothes that we honestly couldn’t give them all away. 
Three large (very large) trashbags were filled with the leftover clothes. We had always planned to donate the clothes that were left, but this was way more than we had expected. I happened to grab a Marriott employee and ask if there was a charity that they were affiliated with, and we’d like to donate the clothes. We roughly outlined what was left over and he pulled us aside. Marriott didn’t have a specific charity, but he did on a personal level. They desperately needed women’s clothes of all sizes. It was a women’s shelter. They often got baby and children’s clothes, but never women’s clothes and certainly not any plus size clothing. We told him they could have all three bags. 
I think the man must’ve said thank you about 20 times before walking away to find the form for us to sign. We hadn’t planned to have an ending like this one. I was happy to help out more than a few bloggers with some new to them clothes, but this, this felt like it had to happen.
After signing the forms for him to take the clothes, I found a small corner and cried. I felt like GCX had done something really important. And while we wouldn’t see where the clothes would end up, we could see that it was going to make a big difference in some women’s lives that needed a fresh start. 
We couldn’t have asked for a better way to pay it forward.
Thank you Anda!!
I love the GCX!! I have received quite a few pieces of clothing from it so I may be biased but I still think its AWESOME!

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  1. Maria @ my waist loss journey June 3, 2011 at 3:01 pm #

    Hey Jenn…Philly won’t be too bad I guess, its closer than NYC, but than again it would give us an excuse to get into the city. We could always hop on Greyhound! but you know I’m saying all this, and if the fitbloggin event is scheduled for the weekend, I probably can’t do it. Work is being a bear about giving people off on the weekends, I had to take a vacation week to go to fitBloggin…Tired of it!! can’t wait to retire!!!

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