Wild Half: Week 5

27 Jun

I talked about running a lot this week. Heck I talked about running so much that I blogged about it twice during week 5.

Mid Week Crisis of Faith

I got out of my own way

Week 5 was very interesting.

I had two lousy runs.

Then I let myself get away with skipping two workouts.

Then I threw myself a pity party…

then yelled at myself…

then I reflected a bit….

then I went for a run and it wasn’t so bad….

then I went out for 5 miles…

and I did it!!


Week 5 was full of ups and downs but I must admit, I learned a few things.

  • Not all runs are going to be great. or even good.  Just today I realized it’s the bad runs where real progress is made. Running is very physical and sometimes it hurts. I am convinced it is supposed to hurt.  All that and running is still way more mental s than physical. I am beginning to wonder if some of the twinges I feel are my body/brain/heart fighting with each other.
  • But, I will always listen to my body. Running is teaching me what it really means to listen to my body. Sometimes aches or twinges are my mind playing tricks, but sometimes those aches and twinges could be so much more. I have knee issues. I have ankle weakness. I have arch issues. I have piriformis pain. I have a strong desire to do this. I have a strong desire to heal my body at the same time as I push it to the limits. I am not doing anything I am not capable of doing. But this body is not used to all that I am asking it to do.
  • There is nothing better than a hot bath with Epsom Salt to soak all my leg and lower back muscles. Sunday is officially my soaking day. Oh, I woke up with relaxed legs. I am listening to my body and I am asking it to go above and beyond. I am going to treat my body well. Epsom soaks are almost heaven….I have a tiny tub, meh.
  • Even on the worst of runs, I feel better for having run. I need to remember!! Even when I feel like I just don’t want to run, I have to suck it up and run because I always feel better when it is over. pssst…if I say it enough I just might remember!

I took this picture this week after my run on Friday. After I had skipped two workout. I convinced myself I needed to just get out and run. So, I did. I made it happen. This is me, post run. I wore my bondi (the only one I own) and I needed the words on it: Determination, Energy, Strength.


I look totally badass in my post-run sweatiness!!

If you didn’t see my post earlier today, you should check it out. Join my Club!


disclosure: I have been asked by Morey’s Pier (a sponsor for this half marathon) to run and occasionally blog about my training (which I would be doing anyway) in exchange for registration to the event. All opinions are my own. I am training for this race and this is my experience. I am simply sharing my thoughts on the training process. I am not an expert or a doctor, I am simply a girl on a quest to train for and complete a half marathon.

3 Responses to “Wild Half: Week 5”

  1. Christine June 27, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

    Yes, I’m learning that for me success in running is 80% mental! Killing those voices is key and it has to happen in the first half mile. 😉 Congrats on pushing through!

  2. AnnG June 28, 2011 at 1:23 am #

    you are totally bad a$$ and I’m so proud of you for doing what you are doing! I can’t wait to see how much this journey will change you!

  3. Heather June 28, 2011 at 2:27 pm #

    You’re so cute! There’s something to be said about a good pity party. It’s a luanching pad of sorts. Allows you to reflect a bit. It also motivates you to go to the next level….and you did it. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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