Be Prepared: Eggy Muffins

2 Sep

Today I go back to school! And then I have a 3 day weekend before I start with students. I have decided I need to find ways to “Be Prepared” and as I discover these brilliant ideas I will share them!

I am getting in a groove of writing down all my food. I haven’t had much fitness but I will change that next. This week’s focus was tracking! Back to school is back to routine. I realize I do better with the structure of routine. Left on my own at home and I lose all track of time and I tweet too much and eat on a terrible schedule. Going back to school does not magically mean better food choices or better time management but the structure helps me focus.

I have a strategy to focus on healthy food (which always makes me feel better) and having healthy options at the ready! My strategy: Be Prepared!! It is going to take planning and preparation. After a month of easy access to my fridge and pantry, its going to require thought. Today, I decided to make up some of my Fritatta Muffins.

Eggy Muffins
12 eggs
4 oz of your favorite shredded cheese
3 oz ham (or bacon, sausage or none)
Leftover veggies
A dash of tabasco
Some milk or half & half

1. Preheat oven to 350
2. Spray muffin cups with Pam
3. Load muffin cups with veggies, meat, and cheese.
3. crack eggs in a bowl, add milk, tabasco, salt & pepper – scramble 4. Spoon equal amounts of egg into each cup.
5. Bake for 35 mins or until eggs are all set

Depending on muffin cup size you could have 6 or 12 eggy muffins. These make for a great quick breakfast or mid morning snack!

* “Be Prepared” will be a new series – I will add posts with my tips as I think of them!

*hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to school I go!


Checking In

31 Aug

Today is Day #3!!

A few days ago I blogged my heart out! I have felt so much clearer since I dumped all that gunk outta my head! It is so freeing to do a mind-dump…I really need to remember and do this more often!

I know that I can be a slacker! And with my bum- knee it is even easier to slip into the slacker mode. I did enough of that last week and look where that got me….grumpy and up 8 pounds! For the record, I was not grumpy I was up 8 pounds. I was very grumpy before I stepped on the scale. I was already grumpy and I really didn’t need to scale to tell me I had gained. The scale is simply a tool; I beat myself up enough on my own – I won’t let the scale do it to me!

So anyway, 3 days ago I made a commitment to myself. I set new goals – big goals with small, manageable chunks that will lead to big goal! I decided I would earn myself #7daychip for tracking! I am the worst tracker and I usually start slacking by day 3 but I am happy to say I have written down everything I have eaten or drank in these past 3 days! I am sort of guestimating calories of everything – I am finding the act of writing it down to feel more important that the numbers attached to the food. I am not obsessively looking up all the other nutritional info so I am using that space for little notes about the day.
This week’s goal is simply to track all of it. Food, fitness, and feelings. I have done that for 3 days. I feel like I am getting back to my normal. My knee still hurts and I am still struggling with this injury but I am coming around. 3 days of not eating away the anger, fear, and disappointment and I feel like I can see past the anger, fear, and disappointment. There still there but I am not ignoring them, but working with them.
My knee injury is forcing me to stop and listen. Writing everything (on paper in my 3F journal and here on this blog) is helping keep my mind clear of the clutter so I am open to the quiet voices. I sort of think my knee was a huge red alarm – I always jump in big, no babysteps for me. I am an all-or-nothing chick until I get almost to the finish line. Then I self-sabotage. This time I physically hurt myself but maybe it took this injury to really force me to listen, slow down and do the babysteps. I think I am finally in a place of healing – inside and out. I am not sure where this goes but I am ready. Let’s get it on!

yesterday, today, tomorrow

29 Aug

I have not been myself.
No, scratch that.
I have not been nice to myself.

I was going to be nice to myself! I even told myself off in a letter! After I posted my letter to me, I was enjoying my week and starting to feel a bit more like myself again. I was feeling good about my half marathon coming up. I had accepted that I was going to finish because I trained and I was ready. I was getting rid of the self-doubt in my head. I was having fun.


On the morning of Sunday, August 21st I set out on my last long training run before the WildHalf on the 28th. I was a little cocky. I hadn’t run my long runs for a few weeks but I still thought I could handle 10 miles. Long story short – it was a miserable run – humider and hotter than hades – my legs were uncooperative to say the least. I may have been cocky but I was smart. I slowed down. I switched my run intervals from 4 minutes to 3 minutes to 2 minutes. I walked extra when needed. By 5 miles my feet were not happy with hitting the pavement. I kept going, at this point I had to turn around to head back home. I walked. I was so happy when I made it back home! It was so fucking hard but I was so proud for not giving up.
Well, my body rebelled! I tweaked something in my knee. After a day or two I knew it was something that needed to be seen by a doctor. I lucked out and my ortho could squeeze me in on Friday. Friday’s appointment with the ortho went rather quickly but when Dr. B felt/heard the popping thing in my knee he made a face that I really did not like. Dr. B wouldn’t give me a diagnosis but insisted I needed a MRI. I lucked out and was able to get the MRI done the next day, first thing. I am now waiting for my follow up appointment with Dr. B on Friday.


Hurricane Irene and her big bitchy self decided she wanted to come and play at the Jersey Shore! With Katrina still fresh in everyone’s minds and our islands loaded with tourists, the governor declared state of emergency and called for evacuations. I am glad I squeezed into doctor and MRI when I did because shortly after the only place open anywhere around were the liquor stores and 711.
We lucked out and never got the full brunt of Irene as was predicted. Other areas of NJ and the east coast were not so lucky. I spent 90% of saturday and sunday watching twitter and the news updates for weather watch. I am such a dork!

I also spent most of the last week feeling sorry for myself. My knee hurt so I couldn’t run or do much of anything. Stuck in the house. My knee needed the rest. It was clear by Thursday I would not be able to run my Half. By Friday, mother nature caused the race to be cancelled. It all just sucked!

I did not handle any of this!

I binged.

Ice cream

Today I stepped on the scale. It was time to stop the binge and get back to taking care of me!

Its hard to start so I am going back to basics! Back to baby steps! No big, crazy goal – simple and attainable! First things first, I need to track! I need to write EVERYTHING down. I ordered a new food and fitness tracker and it was in the mail today. Thanks to Jen, PriorFatGirl, for the awesome recommendation!
I started reading the introduction pages in my shiny, new tracker and I came across this little gem:
“if you use your journal faithfully, your commitment will be strong and your goals will soon be reached.”

I have a big goal! I would like to lose 67 pounds. I want to do this 5 pounds a time and I want to do this while working on my head and heart. Tara, alifechangingjourney, calls it emotional weight – there is a reason I do what I do!
In order to make this happen I must track everything! I have set my sights on earning a tracking #7daychip!

My second goal comes from my girl Colleen, FitBee or @tryn2bfit! A few days ago Colleen tweeted this little gem that is going to be my new motto: “Every day is a chance to be better than the day before!”
I am not going to continue to beat myself up about what has already happened! I am going to simply, make today better than yesterday!

*picture in today’s post is the tracking daily page from my shiny, new journal!
** if the format of this post is funny, I apologize…I am loving thumbtyping my blog posts! When I sit at the computer I let myself get distracted by twitter or facebook or every other bell and whistle – on my phone I blog! Go figure!

Letter to Self

18 Aug

Dear Self,

In the last 3 weeks you have reverted back to so many bad habits! I had honestly thought we were done with that bullshit! We were going so strong and you let doubt creep in. You let insecurities crawl in thru the cracks and you let them fester and grow. You let our procrasting and lazy ways back in the door. You let excuses blow our plan apart!

But worse than all that…you let the negative nellies turn into the beat-yourself-up brigade!!

This is NEVER acceptable!!

You have come along way!! No one ever said this journey was going to be easy. No one ever said this journey was going to be a straight path without bumps and twists and obstacles and backtracks and on and on.

But we keep moving!!
We keep going!!
We keep fighting!!

We deserve to care of ourselves!
We deserve to always feel good about ourselves!!

We never give up!!

Giving up is only any option if we are dead!!

So, its time to fight! Its time to …
Suck it up, buttercup!!

You have so much more life to live!!

Love always,

*disclaimer-pardon any typos – this post was thumb-typed while soaking in the bath! My back needed an epsom soak but my mind needed to write me a letter 😉

a pain in the …

15 Aug

photo source


My last post I bitched about being a girl and then I went about my day. Saturdays are my day to clean. I go over to Ocean City and I clean changeovers (basically, people come to the shore for a week and I clean in between rentals) in some of the nicest remodels OC has to offer.

Well, after two and half hours of aggressive cleaning I bent down to pick up a fuzzie off the floor I was mopping and I felt a tweak. I didn’t really think too much of it and when on my way with the mopping. By the time I was done mopping and had loaded up the car to head home my back was very angry. By the time I got out of the car at my mom’s house I was really in pain. By the time I got back to my house,  I could barely stand up straight.

Oh fuck!

I was so not a happy camper.

I mean seriously, how in the world did I mess up my back so bad?!?! I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary!!

There was not much I could do but rest it! I spent all day Sunday babying my back – hot showers, woodlock massages, biofreeze, hot epsom salt baths, REST! Do you know how hard it is to rest on a Sunday when I had 10 miles scheduled?!?

Do you know how hard it is to rest when I was just getting back to my groove?!? No, it wasn’t perfect but I was getting there.

Do you know how hard it is to rest when your own house needs cleaning but you wacked out your back cleaning other people’s houses?!?

Last night I went to bed feeling like I had made some progress with my tweaked back. Apparently NOT!

I woke up all wonky again and I am not a happy camper.

I am not going to let this get me down <~~~this might be harder than I make it seem. I am trying so hard not to be negative and down in the dumps but really it is going to be hard.

I am scheduled for a half marathon on August 28th.

I am going to use this as a lesson to LISTEN to my body.

I know I have not been properly training the rest of my body.  Sure, I have been running and logging lots of miles but I have not been consistent with strength or cross training. I wonder if this back-thing is my body’s way of reminding me there is more to training than running?!?

I am going to go ponder this while I watch the pouring rain!!  I have an acupuncture appointment tonight and if I can get myself out of the house I may hit up my chiropractor as well.

I may whine a lot.

But I will try to stay positive….or at least, I will try not to whine too loudly!

I really hope to give you an upbeat post soon.


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being a girl #rant

13 Aug

WARNING: I am writing this post to bitch about girl issues. I don’t know if anyone, let alone a boy, wants to continue reading.


I finally got my period yesterday.

I was 8 days late.

No! I didn’t think I was pregnant. I guess I could have been – I mean I do enjoy relations with my husband but  I had an IUS put in a few years ago so I was fairly certain I was not pregnant.

I had all the PMS symptoms-starting around August 1. That would be totally normal for me. 3 days of the cramps and bloating and period on the 4th. I have been completely and ridiculously regular for the last year.

11 days of PMS is SO NOT COOL!

I have been fighting self-doubt and I realize it is all tied in with my hormones.

My hormones have been OUT OF CONTROL and I have been feeling out of control.

I can’t blame everything on hormones but hormones were the gateway to the terrible feelings, to the self doubt, to the lack of want, to the “I’ll just put it off” attitude.

I let my hormones control me.

My out of control hormones are just as bad (and I am sure the hormones made it worse) as lack of schedule.

I am realizing I am not doing well with stress and change and interruptions in the way things are supposed to be.

Yesterday was absolutely terrible. I woke up feeling miserable – cramps, bloating and tender boobies. Oh, and did I mention the attitude I had?!?! Oh yeah, it wasn’t pretty. And then the headache arrived and my 4pm, I couldn’t leave the couch.  Period finally decided to make an appearance last night. I decided that was my cue for an early bedtime.

Today, I needed to get all this out. I am sure I am not the only one who has dealt with this stuff but I sure felt that way yesterday and the days before yesterday.

Today, I will go for a nice long walk to clear my head.  I have 10 miles to log tomorrow and I am not going to give in. I have already caved and bailed on two long runs because of self-doubt and hormones and self-doubt. Tomorrow, I suck it up!!

I know I feel better when I am running regularly.

How do you push yourself out the door when every ounce of your being is screaming at you not to do it?!?

Sometimes being a girl just sucks!!


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finish what I start

12 Aug

summer 2011 018

summer 2011 019

I took these pictures over a week ago.

I wanted new starting pictures to go with YumYucky’s challenge.

I have a bad habit of thinking big, having tons of ideas, starting lots but finishing very little.

So, I am suckingitup, rippingoffthebandaid, and posting.


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11 Aug

Sometimes it is really hard to make all parts work…or all pieces fit.

fuck that!!

It is ALWAYS hard to make all parts work at the same time.

If it wasn’t hard it would be easy and easy is boring.

and easy is just not realistic!!


Real life has its ups and downs.

Real life has its easy breezy days and harder then a rock days.

The last few weeks I have been on one hell of a roller coaster.


My last post was a not-so-happy post. We lost one of our cats and I have to tell you, I am taking this much harder than I expected. Big Man had 4 cats and a dog when I moved in with him 8 years ago. In the last 3-4 years we have lost all but one cat. We have since added on another cat (rescued from shelter) and a puppy (rescued from a friend of my mother’s who took a 5 week-old puppy and couldn’t keep her).

Sadness about my kitty leaked into other areas of life.

It was also 100* and sticky humid so it was so easy to let the excuses creep in!

I could list them…there were like a 100 good excuses why I let myself not train and workout or eat properly.

I could list them here….but I have already listed them in my head and texted at least 2 friends with my whining….I don’t want to rehash it. I want to put all the behind me.

I seem to go four – six weeks of awesome, the one to two weeks of crappiness.  I wish I had the answers but I am still just trying to figure it out! I know a lot of the last few weeks was sadness coupled with lack of schedule. Once summer school ended I had no real schedule and I NEED schedule to keep me going. Without a schedule I would not eat breakfast until 1pm; I would put off workouts for later; then put them off for even later.

I still have about 3 weeks of summer left and 17 days until my half marathon. I am not going to say its going to be easy to get back in a groove but I am not giving up. I am going to do what I can, what is on my training schedule, and I am not going to beat myself up. I also have to plan and prepare for the upcoming school year and enjoy what is left of summer break with my kid.

It is ALWAYS a balancing act!

I am a work in progress!!

I am a work in progress and I am going to work on staying positive!!

I am a work in progress and I am going to work on staying positive…no matter what happens!


How do you get back on track?


really rough week

1 Aug

I do not really want to rehash the last week’s event but it is all part of the journey.  I feel like I need to get some things off my chest….and this blog is my place to let it all out. And you know how much I like bullets.

  • I worked very hard to close out my school’s summer program. This summer I was in charge of the program and I was so insanely busy. I cannot believe July is already over.
  • I did not track my food most days.
  • I used food to comfort. I used foods I had been avoiding because they are triggers for me.
  • I had to take my cat, Angus to the vet yesterday. I knew going that Angus would not be coming home with me. I took him because Big Man was just a complete mess and he couldn’t do it. We have lost 3 cats and 1 dog in the last 3 years. It has been very hard on Big Man – they were his babies long before he even knew me. I thought I could be strong and stoic for Big Man and Q. I thought it would be easier for me. I started crying on the drive to the  vet’s office and I am not sure when I stopped.
  • I ate more junky food. Now, I can see that I did this to stop feeling “empty” but it just didn’t help and now I feel worse. (Not mentally – I have accepted what I did and why so I am not beating myself up over it but I feel physically lousy-headachy and bellyachy and “heavy”)
  • I did not train this week. It was a lousy week and instead of turning to my training I shied away from it.  WHY?!?!
  • I spent a lot of time yesterday with my thoughts. I was very weepy and emotional and tired.
  • This morning and I stepped on the scale. I don’t really have a set day (usually Sunday or Monday) and surprise, surprise I was up 2.6 pounds. Ok, I was not surprised at all.
  • I am also not upset about the # on the scale – the scale has no power over me. It is just a number. And I certainly didn’t need to see the scale to know what a lousy week I had.
  • Let’s just say I am super happy that it is a new week!!
  • and a new month!



  • The month of August is going to be AWESOME-AMAZEBALLS-SPECTACULAR!!!!
  • I have my second half-marathon on August 28th.
  • I have NO work (Ok, I have “stuff” to do for school’s start in September and I have a meeting or two to attend but no real work schedule).
  • I am joining Josie’s “Finish what you start Challenge” (click on the picture below for more details) – I am terrible about finishing what I start. I have BIG ideas and impressive starts but I lack follow-through.
  • August is for follow through! August is for finishing. August is for kicking ass.
  • I have a training schedule for the next month but I need a bit more of a “plan” so I am going to sit down for a few minutes every night and reflect on the day behind and the day ahead. During this time, I will plan out the next day’s activities.
  • August is for the BEACH!!! Yep, it is most definitely a benefit of  being a teacher and living this close to the beach (I can choose the bay, ocean or lake for our summer water activities – yep, I know #lifeisgood)



So, I am setting out to shake off  the funk of last week’s suckiness!! I am setting to enjoy a fabulous August. I am setting off to start something and FINISH it!!


On today’s agenda: Fitness – 45 minutes run plus 10 minutes of KB swings, 25 squats, and 5 planks. Food – track all food and stay away from “junky” food.

I will check in daily  with a minimal post of what I did the day before and what my agenda is for the current day…’s about accountability. I need to be more accountable to myself!!


Here’s to AUGUST!!!!


27 Jul

I am testing blogging by email using my phone!!