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really rough week

1 Aug

I do not really want to rehash the last week’s event but it is all part of the journey.  I feel like I need to get some things off my chest….and this blog is my place to let it all out. And you know how much I like bullets.

  • I worked very hard to close out my school’s summer program. This summer I was in charge of the program and I was so insanely busy. I cannot believe July is already over.
  • I did not track my food most days.
  • I used food to comfort. I used foods I had been avoiding because they are triggers for me.
  • I had to take my cat, Angus to the vet yesterday. I knew going that Angus would not be coming home with me. I took him because Big Man was just a complete mess and he couldn’t do it. We have lost 3 cats and 1 dog in the last 3 years. It has been very hard on Big Man – they were his babies long before he even knew me. I thought I could be strong and stoic for Big Man and Q. I thought it would be easier for me. I started crying on the drive to the  vet’s office and I am not sure when I stopped.
  • I ate more junky food. Now, I can see that I did this to stop feeling “empty” but it just didn’t help and now I feel worse. (Not mentally – I have accepted what I did and why so I am not beating myself up over it but I feel physically lousy-headachy and bellyachy and “heavy”)
  • I did not train this week. It was a lousy week and instead of turning to my training I shied away from it.  WHY?!?!
  • I spent a lot of time yesterday with my thoughts. I was very weepy and emotional and tired.
  • This morning and I stepped on the scale. I don’t really have a set day (usually Sunday or Monday) and surprise, surprise I was up 2.6 pounds. Ok, I was not surprised at all.
  • I am also not upset about the # on the scale – the scale has no power over me. It is just a number. And I certainly didn’t need to see the scale to know what a lousy week I had.
  • Let’s just say I am super happy that it is a new week!!
  • and a new month!



  • The month of August is going to be AWESOME-AMAZEBALLS-SPECTACULAR!!!!
  • I have my second half-marathon on August 28th.
  • I have NO work (Ok, I have “stuff” to do for school’s start in September and I have a meeting or two to attend but no real work schedule).
  • I am joining Josie’s “Finish what you start Challenge” (click on the picture below for more details) – I am terrible about finishing what I start. I have BIG ideas and impressive starts but I lack follow-through.
  • August is for follow through! August is for finishing. August is for kicking ass.
  • I have a training schedule for the next month but I need a bit more of a “plan” so I am going to sit down for a few minutes every night and reflect on the day behind and the day ahead. During this time, I will plan out the next day’s activities.
  • August is for the BEACH!!! Yep, it is most definitely a benefit of  being a teacher and living this close to the beach (I can choose the bay, ocean or lake for our summer water activities – yep, I know #lifeisgood)



So, I am setting out to shake off  the funk of last week’s suckiness!! I am setting to enjoy a fabulous August. I am setting off to start something and FINISH it!!


On today’s agenda: Fitness – 45 minutes run plus 10 minutes of KB swings, 25 squats, and 5 planks. Food – track all food and stay away from “junky” food.

I will check in daily  with a minimal post of what I did the day before and what my agenda is for the current day…..it’s about accountability. I need to be more accountable to myself!!


Here’s to AUGUST!!!!


WARNING: this post may contain foul language and a Debbie Downer

2 May

If you choose to read through, you will experience the real deal here. I have had a bad fucking week and I need to get it off my chest so that I can move on. I thought I was moving past the funk. I really thought I had worked through whatever funk had me stalled but then this week happened. To be fair, I was feeling great in the beginning of the week but the week progressively sucked big time.

Monday – Not a bad day. After school, I went to a new podiatrist and while, Dr. H is not my dear sweet Dr. Mo, he is pretty awesome! Dr. H really looked at my feet and listened to all the joint issues I have and he took x-rays and explained everything. I left his office with my right arch all taped up and heel pads for both feet. I have to keep the tape on for a week and I can’t get it wet. Showers have sucked all week.  Hopefully my insurance will not be dicks and I can get orthotics.  More details as I get them.

Tuesday – PMS came and with it came cramping, bloating, and a wicked headache but I was able to just say screw it and go to boxing class.  It was definitely NOT my best boxing class but I made it through.

Wednesday – I got a text from my husband during my first class. My phone just started beeping like crazy which meant I had a picture message. I ignored it until the dang phone just kept beeping. I checked it and Big Man texted “I AM OK” and then “I AM OK” with a picture. The picture was of a dump truck with the dump part broken off and on the ground. Talk about stressing me out. He is ok. He had the dump up and the arm that holds it snapped. Big Man got jostled all around and had a wicked headache but because the dump actually broke off the truck did not flip and roll.

Thursday – I think the stress of Wednesday and the pain of period had taken its toll on me! I fell asleep on the couch and I did not go to boxing class. I didn’t do much of anything. My joints, especially my knees, were so achy. AND after two days of headaches, I just passed out on the couch!

Friday – I thought having my hair done would make me feel better and it did for a bit. Then I got home and I was just so tired. I think I fell asleep on the couch by 9pm.

Saturday (yesterday) – I was still tired but I knew I had to get stuff done around the house. I mowed the lawn and we cleaned the house. We even hit the produce market then a local joint to look for tomato plants….they are not quite ready so we will go back next week.

Today is Sunday and I have not done much this week. I joined a few challenges but I was unable to start them. I joined the challenges because I was hoping that the challenges would spark me out of this bad week/bad period/fucking miserable attitude.  This week, however, I think my hormones got the best of me. I am feeling incredibly guilty about signing up for challenges and then not even starting them.  I am not going to just give up on the challenges.


I am going to use the challenges to help me get out of this fuckity fuck of a funk I find myself in.

1. Shrinking Jeans 21 Day Challenge….I blogged about it but never really started.

2. I am walking to Miami with Trish.  Even though I live closer to Miami I am going to step right alongside Trish – 1733 miles! Which is approximately 4,575,120 steps!

3. 60 Miles in the month of May. This is a DailyMile challenge.

4. I am going to run a 5K on June 6th. I am going to run and train and I am going to run that WW Walk-It Day Challenge.

I have challenges and I have to stop being such a lousy fucking slacker. Periods, full moons, headaches, achy knees can all be damned!! I am moving on!

I am starting my challenges TODAY!!! Today is the day I say “ENOUGH” to all the excuses!!

Nothing will stand in my way, I deserve to take the time for me!! My family deserves for me to be the BEST me I can be!!

I am off to strap on my pedometer, gruve and HRM. They have all been neglected this week and it is high time I get my ass in gear!!

Will you help me stay accountable??