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menu plan: 9/4–9/10

4 Sep

I have been menu planning for the last year or so. I started planning after seeing a ton of bloggers linking up their menus. I loved seeing what others were feeding  their families. I was inspired and found tons of ideas from all different types of menus: vegetarians and meat-atarians alike! I stopped blogging my menu, not really sure why, but I have been menu planning still!! My family survives on a pretty tight budget and menu planning is the best way to ensure we shop the sales and don’t waste anything we do buy. I keep the freezer and pantry stocked as much as possible. I take a quick inventory then check the sales ads and then put together a menu.

I don’t know why I haven’t blogged my menu but I am going to start doing that again. Today, I stumbled to the Shrinking Jeans site and they are hosting a new menu plan link up! I LOVE menu plan link ups! AND next week, I will be writing my menu plan for the SJ site!

Sunday 9/4: Barbecued Chicken Breasts. Salad and Grilled Veg

Monday 9/5: Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup & a BIG salad & cornbread

Tuesday 9/6: Sausage, spinach & tomato over angel hair pasta & salad

Wednesday 9/7: Sloppy Joes, oven fries & a salad

Thursday 9/8: Slow Cooker Chicken Paprikash over mashed potatoes & green beans

Friday 9/9: Homemade Quesadillas with Rice & Beans

Saturday 9/10: Burgers & Oven Fries and Beer (after first week of school, we will be ready for this)


School Lunches: leftovers from dinner, salads, and sandwiches

Snacks: fruit, carrots dipped in peanut butter, hardboiled egg & cheese stick, yogurt (I like yoplait in the blue cup with desserty flavors like red velvet cake)

Desserts: yoplait yogurts & fruit, banana soft-serve –often with extra fruit added in. AND now I may have to make Peanut Butter Cup Blondies



have I ever told you how much I hate snow?!?

18 Jun

I know it’s June and probably close to 90 freaking degrees outside.

Do you see this picture?!?! I look happy, don’t I? Ok, busted, I am totally happy in this picture, but that is another story.

Do you see the snow in the background? This was a snow day from school – there is like two inches of snow.  We had 6 snow days this year. SIX!!!! I swear only 2 of those days were actually necessary.

I gripe because I still have one full 5-day week left of school. It has been a crazy stressful year. I really need summer break.  I will only have a week off before summer school starts but that is only four weeks and not really stressful. Still work but not too stressful.

I really shouldn’t bitch but I am just tired! This year took a lot out of me but I did get great news this week: I signed my contract for next school year.  A huge weight has been lifted off my chest.  Not that everything is perfect, big man is still out of work but we manage all right. I am just a teacher after all…and only a third year teacher so I am not raking in the millions. 😉

Sorry to gripe a bit tonight but there is another full week of school and I just need a break.

I am contemplating a mini-break from my computer, mainly twitter. Aside from my family,  I am thinking my training has to take priority. Ok, I know that training has to take a priority! And I have to make more time for my family even as I increase training hours.  Summertime with all of us home (for the most part) will keep me busy and probably away from a computer a lot more.  I will be online to log my training and I will keep blogging. Blogging has become an essential for my journey.

I think I need to take some time and go back to basics a bit. Not completely because…well, I know myself. I am a social creature and I love all my online peeps and would miss you all if I didn’t keep tabs. I am just going to limit my online time.

I will be spending time in my real life! I hope you stay along for the ride!

Do you ever find the need to just take a break from it all?!? How do you do it?!?

P.S.  I just realized how completely random this post is and it ends somewhere completely different from where I started but hey, that’s just me! ❤ jen