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menu plan: 9/18–9/23

18 Sep


It is Sunday and time for another menu plan! I apologize for not posting my menu last week…I actually posted my menu at the Sisterhood page. Next time I post over there I will link here.


Menu planning keeps me sane! This week I have PT (physical therapy) Monday, Wednesday and Friday right after school. On Tuesday, it is Back to School night at my school AND my daughter’s school AND Big Man works until 5 – so its an easy crockpot sort of recipe!

Sun 9/18

Pork Roast, Roasted Veg (potatoes, carrots, butternut squash)

Mon 9/19

Italian Stuffed Sweet Peppers with pasta

Tue 9/20

Chicken & Black Bean Burritos, spanish rice – I am using this recipe as a base then when I come home from work I will shred chicken add black beans in for 2 hours – then make the burritos and slide them in the oven while I make rice.

Wed 9/21

Spinach Stuffed Pork Chops, Roasted Cauliflower, & sweet potatoes

Thu 9/22

Teriyaki Chicken Cordon Bleu with buttered noodles & green beans

Fri 9/23

Steak, potatoes & salad  (Big Man’s favorite night of the week)


Food to prepare for week ahead:

Eggy Muffs

Broccoli Soup

Leek & Potato Soup (Big Man’s signature soup – sorry, not real recipe – he combined a few)

Rice Krispie Treats – making them has to be better than buying packaged ones, right?!?


A few Notes:

*Last week, Christy M. of SJ mentioned saymmm.com and I had to check it out! I am going to use that site for meal planning – I checked into and I definitely will be using saymmm.com to log my menus.  I think it will be cool to have a calendar-style log of the meals I plan.  How do you menu plan?

*You may notice, I don’t plan a Saturday dinner. I feel like one day a week can be spontaneous!!


What’s on your menu??


wednesday weigh in: Change

11 May

May Your Way Challenge

The sisters (and brothers) know how to throw a challenge! This challenge so perfect – I had to pick MY goals and do it MY way. Here are MY  May Goals and how I did:

  1. Follow my Body For Life plan: 10/10 – I may have gone a little overboard on Sunday but that is my cheat day. I am also not following BFL exactly but I am making better choices and for the first time in a very long time I am writing down all my food and exercise. I have a cute little purple notebook. I am tracking the old fashioned way – not counting anything but writing it all down. 
  2. Run 3-4 times per week: I am counting days I log miles while strictly walking or walk/running. I logged 13 miles last week! This week has had a slow start but I will get 3 in.  
  3. Drink 80-oz of water every day: 8/10 – this is getting easier. Thea is my #waternazi and she checks on me every day PLUS I am using my new giant purple bottle which holds 70+ ounces of water. 
  4. 30 minutes of physical activity every day: 7/10 – This particular visit with Aunt Flo has been sort of miserable and I have been in more pain than usual. My body needed rest more than it needed to be strict! 
  5. meditate/reflect every day: 10/10 – sometimes it is just an extra few minutes in the shower but I have been really listening to my thoughts. 

Starting Weight: 210.4 (May 1)

Last Week’s Weight: 212.6 (May4)

Today’s Weight: 209.2

Change since last week: -3.4

Change for Challenge: -1.2

Change is happening.
Change is good!
I feel change this time! I am writing it all down. I am letting myself feel it all! I am letting change happen and I am not trying to force it. I think change will happen now because I am not trying to make it happen. Sometimes life sucks, sometimes its great. Life is Good, all the time – I am just remembering that! I am remembering sometimes life sucks and sometimes its great but its all part of the ride!
I feel change.
I am letting go of expectations.
I am letting go of  “all or nothing” thoughts.
I am letting go of comparing myself.
I am ok with me!
I am ok with me just the way I am!
I am ok with me!
I am ok with making me better!
I realize the scale won’t make me better and today when I looked at the scale I realized it just didn’t matter. I didn’t get all excited that I lost 3.something this week. I thought about what I did – logged all my food, ran 3.1 miles, drank a bunch of water ever day and made better choices all around – and that’s when I smiles. Realizing all the good changes I made this week – that felt good! THAT was exciting!!
I am proud of me this week, not for the scale but because I kicked ass this week!!
Now tell me how you kicked ass this week!

wednesday weigh in

4 May

May Your Way Challenge

The sisters (and brothers) know how to throw a challenge! This challenge so perfect – I had to pick MY goals and do it MY way. Here are MY  May Goals and how I did:

  1. Follow my Body For Life plan: 3/3
  2. Run 3-4 times per week: I ran on Monday and I have a date with my sister on Wednesday and Friday. I am on track for 3, maybe 4 runs this week. 
  3. Drink 80-oz of water every day: 3/3
  4. 30 minutes of physical activity every day: 3/3
  5. meditate/reflect every day: 3/3
We are only 3 days into this challenge so there is not much to talk about but checking in is important. Part of this challenge does rely on points and yes, there are points for blogging. BUT, I am starting to find a certain value to blogging a bit more. I started this post last night before I went to bed and then finished it this morning. I did the same thing with my last post. That was a long way around saying – I am going to check in around here more often.  This blog is my safe space. I can say anything I am feeling here. I can curse and scream and throw a tantrum and its ok!! This is my space and right now,  I this safe space more than ever.  So I will be checking in weekly with my “stats” for the SJ challenge. I will be checking in with my stats because I would like a  better record of what I am doing.
I haven’t blogged my weight loss efforts in a really long time.  I am still not sure where to start with all that but I guess the only way to do it is fast – like ripping off a bandaid.
Starting weight: 210.4 (May 1)
Today’s weight: 212.6 (May 4)
Change: +2.2
Double Ugh!!
With a side of fuck!
I just had to say that and now I am moving on! Rome was not built in a day and I have been doing this thing for too long to get discouraged when I am just getting started. I know I have been doing this forever AND I am just getting started!
Plus, I am totally premenstrual so, weight gain happens. I will not overlook the last 3 days of moving my body and burning calories! I ran, hiked and  yardworked in the last 3 days.  I am focusing on what I am doing right – I am moving my body and I am paying attention to what I am eating. I am eating better and more consciously! I am choosing whole, REAL foods.
I am a work in progress and this gain is not going to distract me! Not this time!!
I am looking for my groove.
And like I said yesterday,  enough is enough and whether I really like it or not, I am just gonna DO IT! I am going to eat better! I am going to move more. I am going to be a little selfish and do what I need to do for me!! 
Isn’t he cute?!?

no weigh-in wednesday

17 Jun

Today is the first Wednesday in forever that I will not be weighing in. I did not step on the scale this morning.  Instead I will bring you a workout/running update.

I have logged 26.25 miles since I announced that I will be running a half marathon October 17, 2010.  In case you’re counting, and I am, that is over 26 miles in 2 weeks or 26+ miles in 14 days or an average of 1.87 miles per day.  All but 7 miles were completed on the elliptical at the gym ~ a machine that I previously had not really used.

I have logged many, many hours at the gym. I have a standing appointment with a personal trainer from LA Boxing,  Cory, every Thursday and trust me when I tell ya – he kicks my ass. He loves that I have a fitness goal (truth – so do I ) and he tells me constantly during our sessions about it. He will just randomly say “marathon” to help with my motivation. Working one on one is the very motivating.  I have also been taking at least 2 other kickboxing or boxing classes per week. [I track ALL my workouts on dailymile come and check it out, are you on dailymile? leave me a link in comments and I will follow your training.]

I guess I should tell you all about Tuesday. In the immortal words of Ice Cube (ok, I had almost forgot these words and this song but Elisabeth totally brought it back) today, it was a good day.  I officially registered for my very first Half Marathon….holy crap!! I guess the excitement of registering carried over because around 3 or so I decided I wanted to run instead of going to a kickboxing class. Tuesday was not too hot and there was an actual breeze. I took advantage and my first outside-non-elliptical run was amazing.  I started with a warm up and then followed with 15 rounds of 2:1 (run:walk). I ran 3.37 miles in 52 minutes or 15.3o/mile.

I would like to say I finished off Wednesday with a kickboxing class like I usually do but I wound up skipping out. A friend stopped over right before I would have left and he brought the cutest little puppy. I was totally distracted and I really wanted to keep that puppy.  I played with the littlest fuzzball instead of the gym – not too bad ass, huh?!?

I am so glad I am not focusing on the scale right now. It is giving me a chance to really listen to what my body needs and wants.

*Full disclosure: LA Boxing is providing me with a free membership in exchange for my honest opinions. I simply write about my experiences. You only get  the real deal from me.

**A two disclosure post: Shrinking Jeans is sponsoring my first half marathon. I am blogging my experience for me and it will be my real journey – the good, the bad & the ugly.

***oops, a third disclosure NOT – I am not affiliated with dailymile.com I just really LOVE the site for tracking all my workouts and allowing me to follow my friends’ training.